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Looking to Buy a Commercial Truck and Need Truck Financing? Sharp Financial Services Can Help! Get Pre-Approved Before You Buy. #1 Rated Truck Financing Company. Helping Drivers Like You Grow Your Fleet and Increase Your Revenue!

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Grow Your Fleet & Increase Your Revenue

Commercial Vehicle & Truck Financing Helping Drivers & Fleet Owners Grow Their Fleets

How to Get Truck Financing

Assistance for truck owners and fleet managers in developing fleets of vehicles
Getting truck financing
Whether you’re considering purchasing a brand spanking brand new or used commercial vehicle, you should read this post here first. Financing a Commercial truck is not the same as a traditional truck finance and lease. Conventional truck loan loans typically need your creditworthiness, your income from the biz, and time in business to see if you are a good match.

There are a number or factors that set the lease or loan requirements, percentage rates, and initial deposit. Below is a listing of all of the criteria and the factors that will determine your Eligibility and Finance requirements.

Financing Requirements for trucks

  • A loan score – 650 or above to obtain the very best financing commercial trucks rates.
  • Time in business with CDL license requirements – Ideally 3+ years of experience (but we can fund first-time businesses too!).
  • Initial Payment amount – How Much you could possibly be able to actually affordable to make as a initial deposit for you truck.
  • Age of truck – under 10 yrs.
  • Mileage on your truck less 700,000 miles.

When it comes to funding your Commercial Vehicle, the Equipment you decide to buy becomes your down payments on your truck collateral. This can help restrict the risk of a commercial truck, lease, or loan on a heavy duty equipment lender. By lowering the risks of the Lender, you are much more probable to be eligible to receive financing.

The decision of getting a leasing or credit, the decision of choosing whether to get either a new or a used freightliner, a Pennsylvania or a Kenworth. having a partnership like Sharp financial services who understands the Commercial vehicle Industry and all the things that go into tractor and trailers funding ( ownership, registrations, underwriting, guarantees, and more) is crucial to getting your shot at success within the Trucking Industry.

If you are an Owner-Operator, a small fleet or a large trucking business, we do have commercial finance solutions for both you and yours. We have excellent funding plans that will fall within you budget and boost your profits.

 Be approved for as much as $250K within twenty-four hours – on request only!
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Are you a business owner, owner-operator, or fleet owner looking to expand your construction or commercial trucking business? Sharp Financial Services can help! We help businesses like yours grow. We offer equipment financing and business loan programs that will fit your business needs. Get pre-approved today. No hard inquiries or negative impact on your credit.

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